Signs Your Car Needs To Be Dumped!

Thinking that your car might be near the end of its run? Does it look like it is not going to last the distance? Not sure? Check out these four clear signs to find out:

    • It keeps breaking down
      Cars do break down, but not as often as you think. If you notice that your vehicle is breaking down and has niggling issues at every occasion, chances are that your car is near the end of its run. And that is the clearest sign that your car should be dumped. A car that breaks down too is not something you want to drive around in.
  • You’re visiting the mechanic more than you should
    Yes, you should take your car to the mechanic for check-ups and things go wrong. But there is a point when if you are taking it on a regular basis for every little thing then you got big problems. The more you take your car to your mechanic, the more chances your car is dying out and is near the end of its run.


    • Your money is going down the drain
      The more time you spend at the mechanic, the more money you are spending on keeping your car going. And as we mentioned above, if you find that your car is always breaking down and you’re visiting the mechanic more than you should, chances are that you are wasting plenty of money too. The more money spent on keeping your car going, the more it looks like it should be a time to dump it for something a little less cash consuming.
  • You know it’s ‘time’
    If all the above signs are not an indication to you that your car should be dumped, then perhaps the feeling in your gut that it is time to get rid of it and get a new car should be enough. Just like most things in life, you know when something has reached its end and it is time to move on to something better. When that time comes and you know it is best to get rid of your vehicle for something better, then go for it!

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