Car Washing Tips For This Spring

Winter is over and spring is on its way! And that means one thing: giving your car a great, high-quality clean to ensure that it looks sparkling for the spring and summer months (as well as eliminating all the crap hanging back from winter). So when it comes to cleaning your car for spring, what is the best way to go about it? What are the best methods to ensure that the car is perfectly ready for spring? We have the four steps that can make all the difference for your vehicle.

  • High-pressure wash down 
    Over the winter months, your car is going to pile up a fair amount of gunk and dirt. So giving it a regular clean isn’t going to make a huge difference. You are going to need to go hardcore with some high-pressure washing. One wash down with a high-pressure hose can do your car wonders.


  • Wax it up 
    Nothing makes your car stand out more in the springtime than a nice coating of wax. Not only will it give your car a stunning shine, it will also give it a layer of protection to ensure it keeps it safe. We advise that when it comes to wax, always go for the better brands as it will ensure that your vehicle is protected for longer.
  • Go clean your windows
    Windows have a habit of getting dirty very easily, and in the winter time, you could find that your windows are going to get filthy. Cleaning them will give your car good cover – and good visibility – for the springtime. But don’t just wipe it down; get a bucket of warm water mixed with some cleaning product. Dip a cloth in and thoroughly scrub it. It will help your windows shine and give you a platform to drive safely.
  • Just an interior touch-up 
    While you are going all out for the exterior of your vehicle, don’t forget that the inside needs a bit of work too. Just grab a towel and go through the interior of your vehicle, touching it up and ensuring that it clean to the brim. Get in deep with the little spots that accumulate dust (vents, gaps between parts, windows, gaps between gears and so forth). Take your time with this process to ensure that everything is touched up nicely.

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